baked eggs
hemp seed milk
potato rosti


chunky guacamole


asparagus, mushroom and tarragon tart
beetroot, brown rice, quinoa and walnut risotto with tuscan kale
black truffle risotto
cauliflower rice
orecchiette con cimi de rapa
fennel, lemon, spinach and mushroom risotto
homemade seitan
nettles sauce for rice or pasta
garbanzos con espinacas (chickpeas with spinach)
lasagne – pasta free
olive polenta with roasted fennel, pumpkin and rocket pesto
pacha rice 
palava – spinach, tomato and pumpkin seed stew
pumpkin, mushroom and puy lentil  pie with a mustard and dill mash
red lentil kofte
roast veggie salad
savoury crumble
stuffing mix
tempeh manis
zucchini pasta with quick Italian-flavoured sauce


beetroot, carrot, avocado and arame salad
Asian-style cabbage salad


mushroom, kale and artichoke sauce
satay (peanut) sauce
Thai red curry paste

sides (or mains)

Brussels sprouts with chilli and hazelnuts
roasted broccoli
tamarind, sesame and ginger cabbage


carrot, farro, coriander, mint and orange soup
roasted cauliflower soup


stuffed zucchini flowers

sweet things

anzac biscuits – with a twist
avocado and chocolate trufflesbattered flowers
carrot cake – the best ever!
carrot, pistachio and amaranth cake
fig jam
fig jam and oatmeal slice
hemp seed, cacao nib and almond biscuits
mixed nut and seed biscottitruffle
rhubarb and apple cobbler

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